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Brigit D'Angelo


Principal's Corner




The Clintonville Elementary School Community is dedicated to encouraging our students to become lifelong learners who respect themselves and are sensitive to the differences of others. Through the arts and physical education, students will develop, appreciate, and express their own individuality and creativity. By promoting critical thinking, responsibility, and self-sufficiency, students will become active citizens of our community. Together, we will not only make a difference in everyone's day but make a difference in everyone's life.


It is a privilege to be your principal. Please contact me with any concerns, comments or suggestions.

Brigit D'Angelo


North Haven Public Schools Vision Statement


As a result of their experience in the North Haven Public Schools, every student will acquire the skills necessary to meet the demands of the 21st century.


North Haven Public Schools Values and Core Beliefs

  •         Faculty and staff have the capacity to contribute to continuous improvement in student achievement
  •          District and school leadership must commit to improved student achievement.
  •         We must hold ourselves and each other to a standard of excellence and contribute to the positive school experience of all students
  •        All students deserve highly effective instruction every day
  •          Learning must be relevant, engaging, and challenging 


Helpful Parent Tips 

  • Please make sure your children arrive to school on time every day. The school day begins at 8:30 and ends at 3:02.
  • Please help your child achieve a full day's attendance throughout the year. If they aren't in class, they are missing instruction.
  • Be sure they are well rested and have had a healthy breakfast and bring a healthy snack.
  • Check backpacks each evening for notices and assignments. Arrange for them to complete their own homework in a designated area.
  • Read with and to your children nightly when possible.
  • Be a role model. You are your child's first teacher. They watch how you respond to situations and they will imitate that.